Hathras Stampede: Cop dies by the sight of piled up dead bodies

Hathras: The death toll in the devastating stampede at a satsang in Hathras district’s Fulrai village rises to 121 and among the casualties, a policeman suffered a heart attack after witnessing a pile of bodies at the Etah district hospital and died on the spot.

The deceased policeman identified as Ravi Yadav (Rajneesh), was on emergency duty at Etah Medical College was shocked to see heap of bodies that were piled up after the stampede incident at Hathras.

He was part of the Quick Response Team (QRT) in Awagarh police station and was called to the hospital for emergency duty.

On arrival, Rajneesh saw the dead bodies from the incident and began to feel dizzy. However, he suddenly collapsed and died.

The Hathras stampede has claimed the lives of 121 people so far, most of them women. The tragedy occurred as devotees were leaving a “Satsang” in Phulrai village, led by a preacher known as “Bhole Baba”.

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