Govinda’s Son Yashvardan Meets With Accident

Bhubaneswar: Bollywood star Govinda’s son Yashvardan Ahuja has met with an accident with another car yesterday. Nobody was injured in the accident and the matter got solved with the mutual understanding between both parties without the involvement of the police.

However, the video of this incident has gone viral on social media.

According to sources, the car of Govinda’s son Yashvardan collided head-on with another car. Yashvardan was driving the car when the accident occurred. In this incident no one has been injured.

After the mishap the parties involved solved the matter by mutual understanding on the spot.

After being informed Govinda reached the spot and discussed with the people present at the spot. According to witnesses the accident happened due to a small error. The drivers of both the cars tried their best to avoid the collision due to which a major mishap was averted.

Yashvardan’s car suffered some minor scratches and the front light was shattered. The incident did not reached the police as both of them solved the matter on the spot with mutual understanding.





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