Good News! Price drop for cooking oils and other essential food items

The government of India has brought good news for its public. The prices of 11 items including edible oil, potatoes and onions have reduced marginally.

There has been a big drop in the prices of food items across the country. The government said on Monday that the prices of 11 essential food items have reduces by two to eleven percent in a month.

Food and Consumer Affairs Minister Piyush Goyal took to his Twitter to announce that the prices of essential commodities have come down.

This has brought relief to the families living on monthly budgets.

Edible Oil

The price of palm oil has fall by a maximum of 11 percent on October 2. The price of this edible oil has reduced to Rs. 118 per liter as compared to the last month where the price was Rs. 132 per liter.

On the other hand, the price of vegetable ghee (Vanaspati) has reduces by six percent from, i.e. from Rs. 152 to Rs. 143 per kg.

The price of sunflower oil also declined by six percent as well. The earlier rate was Rs. 176 which has now come down to Rs. 165 per liter. Meanwhile, soybean oil prices have declined by five percent, from Rs 156 to 148 a per liter.

Mustard oil rates fall by 3 percent

The price of mustard oil dropped by three percent, i.e. from Rs 173 to Rs 167 per liter.

Groundnut oil on the other hand, sees a decline in its price by two percent. The current price is Rs. 185 per liter whereas last month the it cost Rs. 189 per liter.

Onion and Potatoes

Price of onion have come down by eight percent, from Rs. 26 per kg to Rs 24 per kg. At the same time, the price of potato has reduced by seven percent- from Rs. 28 per kg to Rs. 26 per kg.


Among pulses, gram prices has declined by four percent, it is now Rs. 71 per kg. Lentils sees a drop of three percent, it is now Rs. 94 per kg. Urad dal has reduced by two percent-Rs. 106 per kg.

On Sunday, the ministry said that due to the softening of prices in the global market, the price of edible oil have slashed at the domestic level. Retail prices of edible oils have come down due to reduction in the global prices as well as deduction in the import duty.

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