Goa cops raid pharmacy, seize cannabis-based products

Panaji: The North Goa district police in Goa on Wednesday seized cannabis-based gummies, digestive power and ‘churan’ worth Rs 2.23 lakh from an allegedly illegal pharmacy.

According to North Goa Superintendent of Police Shobhit Saxena, the owner of the pharmacy, ‘Cannadoc clinic’, Arjun Khanna from Delhi has been arrested under the relevant sections of the Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act.

“Police visited the said store and found various products containing cannabis being displayed for sale. Upon enquiring about the permissions or licences required for selling cannabis based products in a store in Goa, the staff was unable to provide any documents,” Saxena said.

“Accordingly, as no permission was found for selling the cannabis-based medicines and products in Goa from any authority, the police seized all the products weighing approximately 7 kgs. Total worth Rs 2.23 lakh,” Saxena also said.

This is the first such police raid on a pharmacy selling cannabis-based products in the state, which is also infamous as a narco-tourism destination.

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