Goa CM Manohar Parrikar’s health worsens, BJP leaders rush to Goa

New Delhi: Goa Chief Minister and a BJP top leader Manohar Parrikar’s deteriorating health has reportedly worsened. BJP has rushed two observers to Goa and has asked all of its lawmakers to remain in the state.

BJP leader Dayanand Mandrekar said to ANI, “Had Manohar Parrikar been fit, there wouldn’t have been a need to change the leader but his health is very critical now, deteriorating day after day. Party should take some decision. From centre to Goa, some decision should be taken. I think it’ll be done.”

The BJP has 13 lawmakers in the 40-member assembly. It is backed by three lawmakers each of the Goa Forward Party and MGP, an Independent, and the only NCP legislator in the state. The halfway mark in the assembly currently stands at 19.

Parrikar’s worsening health has subjected the BJP to attacks from the Congress, which won more seats in the assembly elections, but the BJP won the race by deftly garnering enough support to cross the halfway mark.

In a letter to the Governor yesterday, Leader of Opposition Chandrakant Kavlekar said, “It is humbly submitted that the incumbent BJP-led state government under the leadership of Manohar Parrikar, which has long lost the trust of the people and now also lost strength in the House”.

The numbers in the assembly dropped from 40 to 37 after two Congress members joined the BJP and gave up their seats and BJP lawmaker Francis D’Souza died.

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