Girl sold 14 years ago exposes sex & organ trafficking racket

New Delhi: Delhi Police rescued a girl sold 14 years ago from Doctor’s home at Rajajipuram here on Friday. This has led to the disclosing of a huge trafficking racket.

The police also had info on three girls being held captive at Vibhutikhand. They were rescued prior to the girl in concern.

An NGO called Asha Jyoti played a huge role in exposing this trafficking racket. They have been working for years in eliminating sex and organ trafficking racket. They had provided Police valuable inputs. But the worse was unseen as the victim’s words opened a bag of worms.

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Search for blind mother

As per reports, the 10-year old victim was kidnapped from Lucknow back in 2005 and sold off in New Delhi. She was bought by a PG owner based near Hazratganj Cemetery. This manager was also is a doctor and he kept the girl at his home as a house help.

In 2011, the victim married the house gardener. By then she had understood her scenario. She started her search for her blind mother and simultaneously attempted to expose the trafficking racket. She came in touch with NGO Asha Jyoti and shared her plight.

The racket

Reports also say that under-age girl sold as a house help. Meanwhile, girls above 15 were sold into the sex trade. And girls above 20 were used in organ trafficking. The gang earned 40-50000 at least per girl.

Asha Jyoti head Archana Singh added that four girls were rescued on May 25. They had also been victims of the same trafficking racket. This had led rescuing of 10-12 girls from the houses of doctors and their relatives. Involvement of doctors strongly suggests organ trafficking.

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