Girl dies on way to Ellora caves while driving car in reverse for reels, watch

Mumbai: A girl died on the way to the Ellora caves in Maharashtra recently while she was driving car to make a reel. Another person was shooting her driving the car. Yet, she pushed accelerator in stead of hitting the break and the car fell from a cliff.

As per a video on X, the deceased girl has been identified as 23 year old Shweta Survase from Ch. Sambhaji Nagar.

Instead of hitting the brake, she pushed the accelerator at the edge of the hill…Despite not knowing how to drive, she reversed a Toyota Etios as her friend Shivraj Mule recorded. Shweta Survase, 23, from Ch. Sambhaji Nagar, died while making a reel near Dutt Dham Temple on the way to Ellora caves, X user Sneha Mordani captioned the video and shared on X (Twitter) platform.

After watching the video a few users suspected it to be a case of murder.

Why was the car kept on reverse gear? Why was someone who didn’t know to drive allowed to drive in a hill area? I think she was killed!, commented a user.

Seems like a murder……..else, who will give a car kept in reverse gear at a cliff to a person who doesn’t know how to drive at all, another user wrote.

This case needs a serious and thorough investigation, looks like a crime, yet another user commented.

Watch the video here:

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