Giant 12 feet python trapped inside car bonnet, rescued after one and half hrs

Chhattisgarh: In a shocking incident, a giant 12-feet python was rescued on Monday from the bonet of a car after nearly one and a half hour in Dadar area of Korba city in Chhattisgarh.

On Tuesday, a giant python was found trapped inside the bonnet of a car parked at a person’s house.

According to reports, the car owner Ajay who is a resident of Dadar area of ​​the city, parked his vehicle in the courtyard of his house after he reached home on Tuesday night.

After some time his family members noticed that a huge snake entering the house from the backyard. Seeing the huge python they were very nervous but before they could do anything the Python entered the bonnet of the parked car.

The python was trapped inside the bonnet and was breathing heavily and trying to get out of the bonnet.

After coming out of the shock, Ajay immediately called the snake rescue helpline and informed them. On being informed, the snake rescue team came to the spot without delay.

The rescue team tried to get the python out of the car, however it was not easy to get the snake out of the car’s bonnet as the snake was stuck in a very tricky part of the bonnet.

After failing to rescue the snake from the bonnet the car was moved to a garage and after one and a half hours of toil the snake was finally taken out of the car.

Later the Python was handed over to the forest department officials who in turn released it into the forest.

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