Flight to be suspended for 2 weeks, if Airlines fails to stop photography on board

Mumbai: If passengers take photographs on board a flight, the said flight will be suspended for 2 weeks from the next day.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) issued an order in this regard on Saturday.

The regulation was passed, after a video footage which showed media with cameras crowd around actor Kangana Ranaut on board a recent Indigo Chandigarh to Mumbai flight did round on social media. The incident took place on Wednesday on board flight 6E-264 that departed Chandigarh at 12.30 pm and arrived in Mumbai at 2.30 pm.

As per Rule 13 of the Aircraft Rules 1937, no person shall take, or cause or permit to be taken, at a Govt Aerodrome or from an aircraft in flight, any photograph except in accordance with and subject to the terms and conditions of a permission in writing granted by the Director General, a Joint Director General, a Deputy DG or the Director of Regulations and Information of the Civil Aviation Dept. This permission is, however, not applicable when such aircraft is landing, taking off or on ground at a Defence aerodrome.

However, despite these regulations, it was observed that at time, the Airlines failed to follow these stipulations and hence the recent order was issued.

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