First edition of Naval Commanders’ Conference to commence on March 5

New Delhi: First edition of the Naval Commanders’ Conference will commence on March 5 in a Hybrid format, wherein the first phase will be held at sea.

The Navy said that the conference, an annual event of paramount importance, serves as a platform for Naval Commanders to deliberate on strategic, operational, and administrative matters concerning maritime security.

“Held against the backdrop of evolving geopolitical dynamics, regional challenges and the current volatile maritime security situation in the region, the conference plays a pivotal role in shaping the future course of the Indian Navy,” the Navy said.

The Navy said that the inaugural session will have the Defence Minister embarking at sea to witness both aircraft carriers which demonstrates the Navy’s ability to conduct ‘twin carrier operations’.

“During the three-day event, the Defence Minister will address the Naval Commanders. The Chief of Defence Staff, along with the Chiefs of the Indian Army and Indian Air Force, will also engage with the Naval Commanders during the conference to discuss the convergence of the three Services in light of the common national security environment,” the Navy said.

It said that they will explore avenues to enhance tri-service synergy and readiness in defence of the nation and India’s national interests.

The Navy said that the ‘Commanders Conference’ serves as a crucible for charting the course of the Navy’s future amidst a rapidly evolving maritime environment.

“By fostering strategic clarity, operational excellence, technological innovation, and international cooperation, the Conference reaffirms the Navy’s commitment to safeguarding India’s maritime interests and upholding its status as a responsible maritime power in the region,” the Navy said.

The Navy said that the last six months have witnessed significant changes in geo-political landscape in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR) due to the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict.

“The strategic alignment of the nations has resulted in a spillover of the kinetic actions on land into the Maritime Domain,” the Navy said.

The Navy said that along with the drone and missile attacks on mercantile shipping, a resurgence of piracy has also been witnessed.

“The Indian Navy has responded to the emerging threats with strength and resolve demonstrating its capability as a First Responder and its commitment as a ‘Preferred Security Partner in the region’,” the Navy said.

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