Fire Reported Onboard VLCC MT New Diamond Off The Coast Of Sri Lanka

Bhubaneswar: Indian Navy ships Mission Deployed in the area, diverted to undertake rescue ops and render assistance.
Ops being carried out in close liaison with Sri Lanka Authorities. Fire onboard.

INS Sahyadri as the On Scene Commander coordinating the fire fighting efforts with India Coast Guard assets in close liaison with Sri Lanka Authorities. Fire onboard Joint Indian Navy & India Coast Guard team including Master embarked onboard No flames visible, however heavy smoke persists Onboard team assisting in connecting up tow with Tug Alp Winger.

INS Sahyadri escorting MT New Diamond & monitoring situation. Ship towed 70 km away from Sri Lankan coast. Flames on superstructure and heavy smoke emanating from funnel. Tug Alp Winger handing over tow to Tug TTT1 and joining fire-fighting efforts.

MT New Diamond being towed away from the Sri Lankan coast. Men at Work on the High Seas ensuring continuous progress of towing operations as the changeover of the tug takes place from Tug Alp Winger to Tug TTT presently 70 km away from Sri Lankan coast.

Additional assets including Emergency Towing Vessel Ocean Bliss now at scene Aerial reconnaissance continuing & flames still visible with smoke emanating from superstructure. Air-Dropping of Dry Chemical Powder being undertaken.

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