Famous snake-catcher Vava Suresh critical after cobra bite, hospitalized: Watch

Famous snake-catcher Vava Suresh has sustained critical injuries after he was bitten by a cobra while trying to capture it from a house at Kurichy in Kottayam, Kerala on Monday. He was then hospitalised and his condition is reportedly critical.

According to reports, Suresh was first rushed to a private hospital where he was put on ventilator and was given anti-venom. Later he was shifted to the Medical College Hospital (MCH) for specialised treatment.

At the time of leaving the hospital for MCH, Suresh was unconscious and his condition was highly critical, said the doctors at the private hospital.

As per reports of The Times Of India, Suresh had allegedly came to a house in Kurichy grama panchayat near Kottayam to catch the cobra after the residents of the house spotted a cobra among stones piled up near the cattle shed and called him.

He came to the house by 4:45pm. At that time many people were gathered there to see how Suresh catches the snake.

Suresh caught the cobra without any incident but it bit him on the thigh while he was trying to put it into a plastic sack.

Suresh threw the snake after it bit him and the snake slithered back under the stones.

The report also reported that after some time Suresh caught the snake again and asked the local residents to take him to a hospital. Suresh became unconscious on his way to the hospital.

The locals have reportedly contacted forest officials after the cobra was sighted in the house premises.

Cooperation minister VN Vasavan accompanied Suresh to MCH and said that the government will extend all support for Suresh’s treatment. The reports revealed that Suresh has been admitted in the critical care unit (ICU) and is being attended by a team of senior doctors.

minister VN Vasavan shared that Suresh’s heart functioning has returned to normal but the blood flow to the brain has yet to become normal.

Prior to this, Suresh has also bitten by a snake many times, which has led to him being on the ventilator and in the ICU. According to TOI, Suresh has been bitten by more than 300 venomous snakes.

A video of the moment Suresh was bitten by the snake has surfaced online. The video shows the snake bit him on the right thigh while he was trying to drive the snake into a bag.

Here is the video:

(Note: The video might be disturbing for some people, may frighten some people)

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