Drunk Man Falls Asleep On Bike On Road In Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Traffic police in Hyderabad found an inebriated man asleep on his bike on the road in the busy IT corridor of Madhapur.

According to Cyberabad Traffic Police, the man was found sleeping on his Honda Active on the road nearIKEA underpass.

Satyanarayana, an office boy, was returning from a bank at Gachibowli on Tuesday in inebriated condition. He parked his bike by the roadside and fell asleep.

Cyberabad Traffic Command and Control Centre observed the man on CCTV and alerted police station concerned.

“Booking of every drunken drive case is prevention of a potential road accident. Cyberabad Traffic Command and Control Centre observes in CCTV a man sleeping on his bike on mid road and alerts Madhapur Traffic Police,” tweeted Cyberabad Traffic Police.

According to police, on examination, his Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) reading was found 334 mg/ 100 ml of blood.

He was booked for drunken driving and also for driving without documents.

(With inputs from IANS)

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