Draupadi Murmu shares strong spiritual ties with Rajasthan

Jaipur: NDA’s Presidential candidate Draupadi Murmu shares a strong spiritual bond with Rajasthan, as she has been a regular visitor to Mount Abu.

Coming from the Santhal tribal community in Odisha, Murmu has been through many struggles in her life. In just six years between 2009 and 2015, Murmu lost her husband, two sons, mother and brother.

According to reports, during that time Murmu became a keen practitioner of meditation techniques of Brahma Kumaris, a movement she took to after her personal losses.

It was around 13 years ago when she first connected with the Brahma Kumari Sansthan in Mount Abu. Over time, her relationship with this institution strengthened and she learnt Raja Yoga to relieve stress. In fact, she has been part of many programmes of the institute.

In 2009, she came here for the first time and learnt Raja Yoga. Since then she has been in regular touch with the institute.

She had visited the Brahma Kumari Sansthan twice when she was the Governor of Jharkhand.

On February 8, 2020, she had participated in the Value Education Festival here.

The members of the institute are happy about Murmu being named the Presidential candidate of NDA. B.K. Mrityunjay, the executive secretary of the Brahma Kumari Sansthan, had called and congratulated her after her nomination.

Pratibha Patil, who became the first woman President of the country, had also visited the Brahma Kumari Sansthan before becoming the President.

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