Doctors remove world’s largest white fungus from COVID recovered woman’s brain

Indore: A team of Indore doctors has successfully removed the biggest white fungus from brain of a 50-year-old female, said the neurosurgeon who operated on the patient.

The patient has been identified as Kala Bai.

Reportedly, Kala Bai had tested negative for Covid-19 in the month of May after fighting with the deadly virus for several weeks. Soon after she recovered, she began feeling weak and tired on the right side of her body following which on a doctor’s suggestion her family took her for a CT scan of the brain.

Thereafter, a peanut-size tissue, of 8.4 X 4 X 4.6 cm by volume, was found and she decided to isolate for a few weeks to rest at home.

However, after a few days she found that the weakness on her right side was getting worsen with each passing day and she visited the Medicare Hospital in Indore for a check up with renowned neurosurgeon Deepak Kulkarni.

The surgery was performed  on June 8 under sonographic guidance to cause minimal issues to the brain of the patient.

The team removed the fungus and sent it to histopathology (biopsy) to study about it further. Kulkarni has said that this was the largest white fungus removed from a brain in the country.

The patient is post covid but this infection is blood borne because of compromised immunity, added Kulkarni.

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