Disqualification biggest gift that BJP gave me: Rahul Gandhi

Thiruvananthapuram: Former Lok Sabha MP from Wayanad Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday said the biggest gift that the BJP has given him is disqualifying him.

He said this while addressing a mammoth public meeting called at Kalpetta to honour him on his first visit to his constituency after his disqualification following a court verdict.

“My disqualification means nothing as my relationship with Wayanad is going to be a lifelong relationship. This disqualification will only deepen my relationship with you all. The relation is similar to a family one as I am a brother. I assure you I will never go away from you,” said Gandhi to thunderous applause.

He arrived at Kannur early in the day along with his sister Priyanka and later flew to Kalpetta in a helicopter.

From the helipad to the meeting venue, thousands had gathered to have a glimpse of him as he was taken in an open vehicle. It took 30 minutes to cover a small distance.

Gandhi said all that he had done was to ask Prime Minister Narendra Modi about his relationship with Gautam Adani.

“After that in Parliament we all saw for the first time the government itself trying to prevent the session from going forward smoothly.

“This disqualification is the biggest gift the BJP has given me as I did not know if what I was doing was right. But after seeing the BJP attacking me all the time, I knew I was doing the right thing. I am not going to stop as I will continue to ask questions,” said Gandhi.

“I know all here are supporting me. I assure you I will always be supporting you, even if I am an MP or not. This is a fight between two visions as the BJP has one and we have a different one and we all know that we are on the right path. They might have taken my house, my MP’s post and may even put me in jail, but they cannot stop me from representing you,” added Gandhi.

“I was not happy in the house where I lived which they took away as I know there were so many people in Wayanad who lost their homes during the floods. I will continue to raise issues of Wayanad,” he said.

Before Gandhi spoke, Priyanka said her brother is an honest person.

“I was recently at his house to help him pack as he had to move out. Sitting there I felt he has no one as he has no family,” said Priyanka.

“My brother is an honest and brave person and he will not be silenced. He is one person who understands the pain of the people,” she added.

Eyewitnesses said this was the biggest crowd Wayanad has seen, beating the crowds which turned up on the day Gandhi came for the first time to the hilly district to file his nomination for the 2019 Lok Sabha polls.

Gandhi had won the Wayanad seat with a margin of over four lakh votes.


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