Dense fog engulfs Delhi, 21 trains running late

New Delhi: Bringing relief to people, the cold wave in north India including the Delhi NCR region seems to have abated for the moment with the temperatures rising on second consecutive day on Thursday. However, dense fog in the morning caused at least 21 trains to run late, some reported delays of up to 5 hours.

According to the India Meteorological Department (IMD), the maximum temperature on Thursday touched 20 degrees Celsius while the minimum temperature stayed at around 6 degrees Celsius. The weather forecasting agency also added that Delhi and NCR might witness thundery developments in some regions.

Earlier on Wednesday, The IMD had said that under the influence of warm moist easterlies, northern plains reported maximum temperatures around 17-20 degrees Celsius on Wednesday, the phenomena continued on Thursday also rising the mercury levels.

According to the officials in Northern railways, the Bhubaneswar-New Delhi, Rajdhani Express was reported to be running late by 5 hours, similarly Amritsar to Nanded, Sachkhand Express was running late by 5 hours. Trains like Hyderabad to New Delhi, Telangana Express; Jabalpur to Nizammuddin, Mahakaushal express; Rewa to Anand Vihar, Rewa Express were reported to be running late by at least 4 hours.

In total 21 trains from different parts of the country traveling to Delhi were reported running on Thursday.

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