Delhi police files case against govt school for ‘I Love Manish Sisodia’ banner

The Delhi Police has filed a case against the installation of a banner displaying 'I Love Manish Sisodia' at the gate of a government school.

New Delhi: The Delhi police has filed a case against the installation of an “I Love Manish Sisodia” banner at the gate of a Delhi government school in the Shastri Park area of northeast Delhi.

The residents protested when the banner was being put up on Friday morning and then filed a police complaint. They alleged that some AAP workers put up the banner.

The police complaint was lodged by a resident, Diwakar Pandey, for which the Delhi police has registered a case under Section 3 of the Delhi Prevention of Defacement of Property Act in Shastri Park Police Station.

The school management committee (SMC) coordinator Gazala along with the school principal, helped in fixing the banner on the school gate, reports say.

While speaking to ANI, the complainant, Diwakar Pandey, said, “On March 3, between 8-8.30 am, some Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) workers were putting up a banner above the gate of the government school in Shastri Park. First, they took out a desk from the school. Brought it outside and climbed on it and started putting a poster of ‘I love Manish Sisodia’ on the gate, to which people objected and said that this is a temple of education, keep it away from politics.”

“We even asked them if they had permission. They claimed to be related to MLA Abdul Rehman. After this, a person contacted the MLA and asked him if he had given permission and the MLA replied with a yes. We know the MLA is lying as such permission is never given for a school to be used for some political gains.” Pandey added.

The complaint claimed that the banner was removed after the people protested.

He said, “The problem is that children were made to write ‘I love Manish Sisodia’. Our culture does not allow all these things.”

“They are trying to brainwash the children. We asked the principal, but he failed to recognize the seriousness of the matter, after which I lodged a complaint. The police have registered a case taking cognizance and assured that the culprits will be punished,” he added.

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