Delhi hit and run case: SUV driver blindsides biker in viral video; Watch

In a shocking incident, an SUV driver was arrested for alleged blindsiding a biker on Delhi road on Sunday morning.

The incident took place after an argument took place between the SUV driver and the biker about over-speeding.

Now, a video of the incident has surfaced online and is garnering a lot of attention. According to the short clip shared on Twitter by a social media user Anurag R Iyer, a group of bikers can be seen riding in a highway. As the video plays further, one of the bikers can be seen getting in an argument with a Scorpio car driver.

Soon after the SUV driver and the biker group had an argy-bargy about crazy/speedy driving, the heavy vehicle driver can be seen broadsiding one of the bikers.

The Scorpio SUV driver is identified as Anuj Choudhary, a 25-year-old law student from Delhi. On the other hand, the victimized biker has been identified as Shreyansh, who is 20-years old.

In his statement, Shreyansh mentioned that he and his friends were returning from a temple in Aravalli. On their way both the drivers broke into an argument about over-speeding, following which Anuj knowingly knocked him down and ran off, alleged the biker.

Reportedly, the culprit has been arrested by the Delhi police.

As per the sources, Delhi police nabbed Anuj and seized his vehicle under the section 370 of the Indian Penal Code (attempt to murder).

The police found an impaired Royal Enfield bullet Classic 350 and Shreyansh as badly injured. A senior police officer said that he was hospitalized for treatment.

The details of the SUV, driven by Anuj, had been traced. The car was pulled at the Anupam Garden area of PS Neb Sarai.

The car belong to the 25-year-old’s father, said the officials.

Watch Video Here:

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