Delhi BJP chief vows to quit politics if he fails to deliver

New Delhi: BJP’s Delhi unit chief Manoj Tiwari promises that no one will die in Delhi’s cold if the BJP is voted to power in the February Assembly polls.

Tiwari said if his party fails to deliver five times the benefit to the people of Delhi than the present Arvind Kejriwal government then he will retire from politics.

In an interview with IANS on Tuesday at his residence here, Tiwari said: “Wherever there is a slum, the poor will get a two-room house under the housing scheme. They would be provided all basic facilities like gas, water connection and toilets so that even the poor people can live a better life. Also, no one will die in the cold.”

“Whatever the Aam Aadmi Party has claimed to do in the last five years, like opening schools, colleges, providing jobs to so many people, BJP will give Delhi five times more than that in the next five years. If it does not happen, I promise that I will retire from politics.”

The BJP leader said he has a vision for the development of Delhi.

“We will provide pure tap water in every house, and make all efforts to reduce the air pollution by 70 per cent. We are committed to bringing 5,000 new electric buses and improve the transport connectivity in Delhi with CNG buses.

“We have to stop the closing hospitals in Delhi. The dispensaries are in ruins. The Yamuna riverfront has to be built.

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