Defence Ministry official defrauded of Rs 40,000

New Delhi: Paying a mere Rs 3 from his ‘Bhim’ UPI app ended up costing a defence ministry official a hefty Rs 40,000 instead.

The victim Bhanu Prakash Singh was asked to pay a token amount of Rs 3, instead Rs 50,000 were debited from his bank account in a few minutes. Police have started an investigation in this regard and registered an FIR.

The FIR was filed on January 21 in Tilak Marg police station under section 420.

According to the FIR accessed by IANS, the victim had sent a courier packet to Visakhapatnam on January 11. The courier did not arrive at the destination in due time. Meanwhile, on January 18, someone made a phone call to his mobile from an unknown number. The person told Singh that his address was not updated.

The FIR said as soon as the address was updated, the stranger who had called sent a link and asked Singh to pay Rs 3 by clicking on it. Singh also sent a payment of Rs 3 from the Bhim app. As soon as he paid it, first an amount of Rs 15,000 and then Rs 25,000 were withdrawn from his account.

Seeing the Rs 40,000 debited from his account suddenly, the victim got suspicious. By then, however, it was too late.

The victim did not get any satisfactory reply from the Visakhapatnam branch of State Bank of India. Some days later, he reached Tilak Marg police station to register an FIR.

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