Dawood link in Sushant Singh Rajput death mystery !

Actor Sushant Singh Rajput has been murdered By Dawood Gang, claimed an Ex-RAW Officer named NK Sood in a video.

In the video Sood says that Dawood Ibrahim’s gang threatened Sushant Singh Rajput over phone for which the actor was suffering from mental illness. He also stated that not alone the gang but also few close associates of Sushant are involved in the conspiracy.

NK Sood argues that the CCTV cameras going off, a day before Sushant’s suicide, points towards a pre-planned murder. Besides, to avoid threats from Dawood’s gang, the actor changed as many as 50 sim cards and used to sleep in his car, Sood adds.

Sood points the finger towards Sushant’s servant, his friend Sandip Ssingh and a number of Bollywood biggies.

It is to be noted that on June 14, Sushant Singh Rajput died by suicide at his residence in Mumbai. He left no suicide note and was said to be in depression.

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  1. Vini says

    Wow, now someone came forward. How media is still stuck to brainwash us by repeating he sucided even when the evidence is clear. If media can lie why can’t police, when they are the main protectors of big shots.
    No doubt police love terrorists and terrorism and helping Dawood is a not such a big deal when celebrities can support ISI terrorism then why not police ? If Mahesh Bhatt supports Zakir Naik and terrorists organisations then why can’t others do. It’s a trend.
    We all knew the main criminals are media, Police, celebrities hand in gloves with gangsters and terrorists. Such a fun gang. Let’s enjoy the show.

  2. S RAI says

    D company is ruling Mumbai ,very possible with so many heroes and heroines who are made by bhailok.
    No rules and regulations exist here.

  3. Shalini says

    Why are you media people printing it as died by suicide’ write allegedly or a mysterious death.. The investigation is under process and it has not reached a logical conclusion. If anyone gets so many threats and has to change 50 sim cards he will obviously under mental tension.. Is that an illness then?
    How long can the sins of dawood go unnoticed, why is it so difficult to catch him.. One person can be threatened but what will he do with the lakhs of people asking for justice.. Can he kill everyone. High Time the links between Bollywood and him is exposed and destroyed. No more watching Bollywood movies of the money is going to these terrorists to get our children killed.

  4. K K VERMA says

    Why just can not our security forces kill all Dawood relatives, associates and supporters in Telangana and Kanpur style. Why not all Dawood sufferers come together and pay for his killing in Pakistan once for ever….

  5. Usha Malika says

    This death is mysterious.No one reach any solid conclusion whether it was a suicide , which is very unlikely or murdered. Very soon, with the help of CBI and the servant of Sushant Singh Rajput, the truth will come out.

  6. Naim Khan says

    Fucking all are jokers in india
    police ..Media….political personalities
    Now it seems that Dawood Ibrahim has also conduted the police encounter Wikas Dubey.

  7. Kamran Ali says

    What a loss of life. Sushant Singh was a shining star, with great prospects to become the Top Bollywood Celebrity.

    Any one involved in his death, must be dealt strictly.

  8. HINDUSTANI bhau says

    Sab ke sab saale pakke HARAMKHOR Hain Mumbai mein, be it these selfish and greedy bloody big actors or the underworld Chor paltan.
    Paisa, power and sex that’s all these bastards have on their mind.

  9. SriVidhya says

    Is it not Bollywood celebrities who took the help of dawood? Media and police wants us to stop blaming the celebrities as they want to come clean. Later, the media will start to blame SSR that he hist have done something wrong. Guys, they are just playing their usual play called “I am innocent”. They just want us to accept those celebrities again

  10. Jeevan says

    What about the politicians who engineer killings ,massacres and communal riots.

  11. Nilofar Pathan says

    Sir can u please tell me

    WHY sushant singh Rajput ???

  12. Tyler D says

    Hahahaha . . . . Ex Cops n Media simply love the D company. Har cheese mein ghusa do Dawood !!!
    The obsession with D never ends !

  13. Rm says

    CBI should investigate and all these so called high and mighty people like the Bhatts Karan johar salman All khans etc should suffer Like SSR did. Their movies should be banned.

  14. Gary Bath says

    Boy cott Salman Aalia Bhatt Sonakshi Saif Ali Khan Kara Johar And sll involved in SsR Deaths.g

  15. Kartikey Palan says

    Agreed without doubt

    Sushant’s friend or servant Sandip Singh went outside after the incident (after confirmation ??) for around 90 minutes ! To make the duplicate key !!!???? (This was the reason published by him or police for his absence after the event!) How come ?? Sandip never tried to inform security guard or police as a first step !!? Why ???

    Tired of these coward society….

    Clear Nepotism is the main background.

    We need to do something. I don’t know what but, ready to fight against such so called gangs.

    I’m an honest Indian.

  16. Bikash Sahoo says

    During the time , Mr Sushant Singh Rajput, died I was there in Mumbai. I know him personally , as I was also from Bihar. He told me once , that Mr Pancholi has threatened him, as Mr Rajput wants justice for Miss Pailan ( as she was pregnant ). And the following day, Salman Khan called him to his house to have a general discussion. During that metting, Salman had given him a 8 days time duration for him leaving back to Bihar. And he died within this period. This is a full proof murder, with the help of some professional killers, under the influence of Salman Khan. Categorically his servant , would have to be monitored thoroughly. He had given money of around 55 lakhs, to allow all this. Miss Rhea Chakraborty, Mr Sandeep Singh, Mr Saroj Pancholi, Miss Rhea’s brother and Mr Anand Gilani , Mr Mahesh Bhatt all this peoples , have equally participated for the killing of Mr Sushant Singh Rajput.

  17. Sharad Pant says

    Definitely suicide of Sushant is not small case, even the suicide incident is suspicious, sometime it looks planned murder. Even State government is and police are hiding something. It should be investigated by CBI and NIA.

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