Covid third wave: Virus changes forms, shows new symptoms


Kolkata: Covid virus has massively affected people across the globe. It has claimed the lives of more than a crore people. It has been changing its symptoms in different phases and as per the condition of the regions.

According to doctors in Kolkata, the symptoms of patients during the second wave of Coronavirus changed so much so that it was a huge challenge for the medical staff to detect the infection.

Most people do not take it seriously when doctors advise them to do COVID tests as they have already taken the vaccines. The symptoms of the coronavirus virus have changed during the third wave as people do not experience the severity seen during the first and second waves. However, COVID cannot be taken lightly. The infection would become dangerous if treatment is not done on time.

According to doctors, the patients do not show interest to go for the Covid test. They neglect the advice of the medicos due to which the exact number of covid cases is not known.

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People suffering from cold and cough for a long time also could be the symptoms of coronavirus. Sabyasachi Bardhan, who practices in the Ballygunge-Lansdowne belt, while speaking to the Times of India (TIO) said, “Since cough and cold are common during season change, initially we thought it was common flu. But when we found more family members developing similar symptoms, we began to suspect there could be more to it. Also, while a majority of the patients recovered following treatment, for some the symptoms lingered and they began experiencing loss of taste and smell. This typically happened around the eighth or ninth day since the onset of the flu.”

Bardhan further said that while such persons were tested, their reports turned out to be COVID positive. Most of them were given home treatment and recovered while some of them only were admitted to the hospital.

Debabrata Saha, who practices in the Kankurgachi-Shyambazar belt, said that a total of 40 such patients were found within a week, of which only one was hospitalized. “We are noticing significant changes in symptoms. Unlike the first and the second wave when Covid patients experienced dry cough, it is now a wet cough or one that produces phlegm. Also, unlike the medium- and high-grade temperature earlier, patients are now suffering from low-grade temperature,” TIO quoted him as saying.

(With inputs from TIO)

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