Covid Induced Black Fungus Back Again At Delhi Hospitals, Know What Causes It

New-Delhi: Doctors at a leading private hospital in Delhi are witnessing a rise in the number of Covid-19 triggered Mucormycosis cases in the recovering coronavirus patients.

The black fungal infection, triggered by Covid-19, last year caused many of the patients to lose their eyesight,removal of nose and jaw bone.

What Is Mucormycosis ?

It is also known as zygomycosis. According to the CDC (Centre for Diseases Control and Prevention), this rare but serious fungal infection is caused by a group of molds known as mucormycetes. These molds are present naturally in the environment. However, it affects humans when the body’s immunity system has weakened and it is vulnerable. It affects the lungs and the sinuses following inhalation of fungal spores from the air. The fungus can also enter the body through open wounds or cuts.

Symptoms of the disease are face numbness, nose obstructions on one side, swelling in eyes, or pain.

How is Mucormycosis Diagonised ?

People who have mucormycosis often don’t know that they have it. You may get it diagnosed with the condition upon going to the doctor for lung, sinus or skin infection.

Mucormycosis is particularly dangerous as it spreads quickly throughout the body and if left untreated, the infection can spread to the lungs or the brain.

Who are Likely To Be Infected ?

Use of steroids in treatment of coronavirus infection and the fact that many Covid-19 patients have diabetes as co-morbidity could be one of the reasons for this rise in black fungus cases again. Covid-19 infected patients with weak immunity are more prone to this deadly infection.

Treatment of Mucormycosis:

The first step in treating mucormycosis are receiving intravenous antifungal medications and having surgical debridement. Surgical debridement involves cutting of all the infected tissue.


Mucormycosis isnt contagious, so can’t get it from infected person. Self-care measures are the best way to prevent this type of infection. If you have weakened immune system, its important to keep yourself safe outdoors. Wearing a mask and bandaging all wounds will help prevent fungal infections.


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