Couple falls off 3rd floor, miraculously lands on ground floor unhurt

Mumbai: In a miraculous incident, a man and his wife fell from the third floor when they were asleep in their bedroom. They fell on the ground floor, but miraculously both of them sustained only minor injury and completely stable now. The incident took place in Malad area in Mumbai.

The incident occurred at Anurag CHS, a ground plus four storey building, at Mehta Industrial Estate, near Liberty Garden, in Malad (West) at 5:30 am. Miraculously, residents of the flat, Nupa (50) and her husband Jatin Parikh (58), escaped without any grave injury, reported The Local Report.

As per reports, there were no people in the bedrooms of the first and second floors that were beneath the third floor’s roof that got damaged. Also in the ground floor where the couple fell was empty.

The couple was rushed to the hospital following the incident. The doctor their said that in such cases people normally sustain multiple injury, but in this case miraculously they did not sustained any critical injury.

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