Cops Assault Auto Driver For Not Wearing Mask Properly, Video Goes Viral

In a shocking incident, an auto-rickshaw driver was beaten up in broad daylight by two policemen for not wearing a mask properly. A video of the incident that has been now going viral on social media has enraged netizens.

In the video, the two men in uniform can be seen thrashing the poor auto-rickshaw driver mercilessly. The heinous incident has been reported from Madhya Pradesh’s Indore. After outrage on social media, the two constables were suspended.

The auto driver has been identified as Krishna Kunjir.

The incident was shared by several social media users in the internet. One such video was shared by Journalist Gargi Rawat on her official Twitter handle.

According to sources, Krishna was stopped by the two constables just because his mask had slipped down his nose. The two then forced him to go to the local police station even as he pleaded that he was going to a hospital to meet his ailing father.

The two cops then beat him up and try to drag him to the police station. Moreover, Krishna’s son who stood beside can be seen crying and pleading with the cops to not beat his father in the video.

However, the police station said that Krishna had several cases against his name and he had first assaulted the two constables before they charged at him. A proper probe has been launched and necessary action will be taken accordingly, the police said.


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