CM Kejriwal Praises Odisha For Extending Helping Hand As Delhi Battles Oxygen Crisis

New-Delhi: Amid the rise in Covid cases, Delhi is facing oxygen crisis more than a week and during this period Odisha has extended a helping hand by providing oxygen.

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has praised Odisha for providing them oxygen in the crisis hour. He informed that it will take some time for Oxygen to reach Delhi and they are making efforts to to bring Oxygen by air route.

Centre fixes Oxygen quota for all states. As per Delhi govt’s estimate, the UT needs 700 tons/day, Centre had fixed it to 378 tons earlier & increased it to 480 tons yesterday. We need more but we’re thankful to them for this,” said Delhi CM.

“Central government has increased Delhi’s quota of oxygen. We are very grateful to centre for this,” Kejriwal said.

Some of the governments in whose states these companies are, had stopped the supply that was to come to Delhi from these companies. Governments said that they will use Oxygen in their states first, use Delhi’s quota too and that they will not let trucks come to Delhi. But I would like to thank Centre and Delhi High Court that they helped us a lot in last 2-3 days. Due to this, Oxygen has started reaching Delhi,” the CM said.

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