Clerics condemn hijab ban by Karnataka government in educational institutions

Lucknow: The Majlis-e-Ulama-e-Hind (MuH), a national body of clerics, has condemned the Karnataka government’s decision to ban hijabs in educational institutions.

In a statement, MuH general secretary Maulana Kalbe Jawad and other clerics have sought revocation of the order, terming it as anti-constitutional and against minority rights.

The group collectively said that the hijab was neither restrictive by nature nor an obstacle in their education.

They also drew a comparison with the Central government’s decision on Surya Namaskar to be performed by all irrespective of religious sentiments.

“The controversy had been escalating for a month but neither the Karnataka state government nor the central government addressed it properly. The governments should know that hijab does not come in the way of education but the ban seems to be targeting a particular community so that saffron motives can gain further heights.

“Hinduism holds Surya Namaskar in high regard but it is not acceptable by people of other faiths in India, yet the central government ordered for it to be performed on January 26. Islam allows for Allah’s worship alone and Surya Namaskar cannot be made the threshold for identifying nationalism. Similarly, the literacy gap cannot be reduced in the country if governments ban the hijab which does not come in the way of women’s success,” the MuH added.

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