Class 9 Student Stages Own Kidnap, Demands Rs 10 Lakh Ransom Money From Parents

Chennai: A family in Chennai’s Triplicane received a phone call on Wednesday night that their 14-year-old son who was a 9th class student has been kidnaped.

The kidnappers demanded Rs 10 Lakh as ransom money from the boy’s family if they wanted the boy to return safely.

After the call, the terrified father of the boy immediately informed the police about the kidnap and asked them to help find his son.

As per reports, the police tracked the phone of the kidnapper and rushed to the spot immediately.

Police rescued the kidnapped boy from the Chepauk stadium’s blue gate and brought the CCTV footage from the area back with them for further investigation.

But when the police questioned the boy about the kidnapping, he avoided answering and reportedly kept stuttering.

However, the police got to know a whole new story after investigation the case with the help of the CCTV footage.

After checking the footage, the police got to know that an autorickshaw had dropped the boy near the stadium. The driver was found through the vehicle registration number.

On interrogating him, the police got to know that the the boy and his friend had booked the autorickshaw through a mobile application and they had paid him Rs 40 as fare of the ride.

The police then checked the application and when the auto rickshaw driver’s story came out true, the police reached the kidnapped boy’s house for interrogation.

In the fear of the police, the boy admitted that he staged the whole kidnapping incident earn his father’s sympathy. The boy then revealed that he used a voice changing app to alter his voice and called his parents.

As per police reports, the father of the minor boy used to shout and chide the boy most of the time and that led to the student’s decision of planning the Kidnapping incident to earn his father’s sympathy. He reportedly only asked for the money so that his father would believe that it was a real kidnap.

The police released the boy with a warning and a written statement from his parents.


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