Chinese amphibious warship spotted in Indian Ocean

New Delhi, Sep 16 (IANS) The Indian Navy had located a Chinese amphibious warship in the southern part of the Indian Ocean during surveillance earlier this month, defence sources said here on Monday.

The warship, a Landing Platform Dock (LPD), was located by a Navy P-8I surveillance aircraft.

According to Navy sources, Chinese vessels regularly use the route which starts from the Malacca Strait in order to travel to Africa or the Gulf countries.

“The LPD is capable of carrying Army equipment like trucks, tanks and jeeps. It can also carry a large number of helicopters. Ships bound for anti-piracy operations also pass through this route and are sighted regularly. This is the only route available for the Chinese vessels bound for Africa or the Gulf,” a senior Navy officer told IANS.

Sources said photographs of the LPD vessel were taken with the help of the surveillance aircraft.

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