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Chicken Mela To Dispel Coronavirus Rumours And Fears


Gorakhpur: A full plate of chicken dishes for Rs 30 may sound unbelievable but it was a dream come true for chicken lovers in Gorakhpur.

The Poultry Farm Association on Saturday organised this Chicken Mela to dispel rumours that the bird is a carrier of Coronavirus.

Vineet Singh, president of the Poultry Farm Association said that people had stopped eating chicken since the past one month, due to fear of Coronavirus.

“We organized this Mela where we invited people to eat chicken. We wanted to tell them that Coronavirus is not caused by eating chicken, mutton or fish. We cooked over a thousand kilograms of chicken for the Mela and the entire stock was finished,” he said.

The Chicken Mela, held in front of the Gorakhpur railway station, proved to be a major crowd puller and left all roads leading to the railway station blocked for hours.

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