Chandrayaan 2 launched from Sriharikota

Sriharikota: Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) launched its second moon mission, Chandrayaan-2, from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre here in Andhra Pradesh on Monday.

The powerful booster Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle-Mark III (GSLV-Mark-III) carrying Chandrayaan-2 on-board zoomed into space at 2.43 PM from the second launch pad of the Space Centre.

Isro said, the GSLVMkIII-M1 successfully injected Chandrayaan 2 spacecraft into Earth Orbit.

Immediately after spacecraft separation from the vehicle, the solar array of the spacecraft automatically got deployed and ISRO Telemetry, Tracking and Command Network (ISTRAC), Bengaluru successfully took control of the spacecraft.

Originally Chandrayaan-2 was planned to be launched on the 15th of this month. However, a technical snag was detected less than an hour before its scheduled lift-off, forcing the mission to be halted.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi watched the live telecast of the lunch of Chandrayaan2.

In a series of tweets, the Prime Minister said, “The launch of Chandrayaan-2 illustrates the prowess of our scientists and the determination of 130 crore Indians to scale new frontiers of science.”

“Chandrayaan2 is unique because it will explore and perform studies on the south pole region of lunar terrain which is not explored and sampled by any past mission. This mission will offer new knowledge about the Moon, ” he tweeted.

Chandrayaan-2 is India’s second mission to the moon. It comprises a fully indigenous Orbiter, Lander (Vikram) and Rover (Pragyan). The Rover Pragyan is housed inside Vikram lander.

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