Centre writes States not to impose restrictions on movement of Medical Oxygen

New Delhi: To ensure the uninterrupted supply of medical oxygen across the country for management of Covid 19 patients, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MoH) on Thursday wrote to the State Governments not to impose any restrictions on the movement of Medical Oxygen between the States.

In this context a number of instructions were issued to facilitate movement of oxygen carrying vehicles. They are as follows:

No restrictions shall be imposed on the movement of Medical Oxygen between the States and transport authorities shall be instructed to accordingly allow free inter-state movement of oxygen carrying vehicles.

No restrictions shall be imposed on oxygen manufacturers and suppliers to limit the oxygen supplies only to the hospitals of the State or UT in which they are located.

There shall be free movement of oxygen carrying vehicles into the cities, without any restrictions of timings, while also enabling intercity supply without any restriction.

No authority shall attach the oxygen carrying vehicles passing through the district or areas for making supplies specific to any particular districts or area.

Supply of oxygen for industrial purposes, except those exempted by the Govt, is prohibited with effect from 22nd April, and till further orders.

The States/ UTs shall strictly abide by the supply plan of medical oxygen prepared by EG II and as revised from time to time.

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