Caught on camera: Drunk girls brutally thrash woman with belt & sticks outside pub, video goes viral

New Delhi: A video of four drunk girls brutally thrashing a woman with belt and sticks outside a pub in Madhya Pradesh’ Indore has gone viral.

In the viral video, which has been shared on the Twitter handle of Journalist Brajesh Rajput, the three women, who were reportedly in an inebriated state, can be seen kicking and punching the victim with belt and sticks.

Besides, they also were seen pulling the victim’s hair and hurling slang at her without minding the presence of huge people on the spot.

While the victim was seen crying for help, the people present at the scene watched the event quietly without rescuing the woman.

The exact reason behind the drunken girls brutally beating up the woman is not known immediately.

Meanwhile, the Indore Police is said to have started a probe into the matter and booked a case against the attackers.

Watch the video here:

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