Brothers kill sister’s lover in Mumbai

Mumbai: One Saif Ali Sharafat Ali Khan (25) was stabbed to death in Malwani on Monday night. The police have arrested two men, Ajmal Ali Badruddin (23) and Wasim Ali Badruddin (19), both brothers. Police also said that the two accused men killed Saif after he was caught red handed in a compromising position with their sister.

As per reports the two accused and the victim were friends. However, things turned sour when Saif started dating Badruddin brothers’ sister. After learning about the affair the Badruddin brothers opposed the relationship and restrained Saif. Initially Saif agreed, but continued to meet his lover without her brothers knowledge.

As per reports on the fateful day Saif had visited his girlfriend’s house when she was alone. Much to Saif’s surprise, Ajmal and Wasim returned home early and caught Saif in a compromising position with their sister.

Police said that in a fit of rage, Ajmal picked up a knife and stabbed Saif multiple times, leading to his death.

Later the victim was rushed to the nearest hospital where he was declared brought dead. Malvani police immediately registered an Accidental Death Report (ADR) in this matter and began investigation. During the investigation, they learned about Ajmal and Wasim’s role, following which a case of murder was registered.

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