Bharat Biotech Warns People With Medical Conditions Not To Take Covaxin

New-Delhi: Bharat Biotech, the manufacturer of Covaxin has released an advisory asking who are immuno-compromised or on medication that affect the immune system, not to take the vaccine shot against the novel coronavirus.

The company have advised people with severe allergic reaction that may include difficulty in breathing, swelling of the face and throat, fast heart-beat, rashes all over the body, dizziness and weakness and who are on blood thinners avoid taking the jab. It has also asked people suffering from illness, or who are pregnant or lactating not to take the vaccine.

Bharat Biotech said there is a remote chance that Covaxin could cause a severe allergic reaction but may very rarely occur.

Bharat Biotech have urged to those who are taking jabs, to disclose their medical conditions, medicines that they are taking and allergies.



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