Bengal cadre ‘Dabangg’ IAS Officer sent on leave after thrashing youth

Bengal Cadre IAS Officer and Alipurduar District Magistrate Nikhil Nirmal was recently seen in a viral video thrashing a youth inside the Falakata police station in presence of other inspectors.

As alleged, the youth had made lewd comments on the District Magistrate’s wife Nandini’s Facebook profile. Then the youth was summoned to the Police Station where the couple started beating him.

“No one can tell anything against me in my district. I will enter your house and kill you,” the DM was heard saying. The video shot on Sunday evening however went viral and the DM was suspended by the State Govt following the incident.

After the video went viral, the accused Binod Kumar Sarkar said he was the Facebook friend of Nandini and they used to chat on the Social Media platform. However on Saturday Nandini got angry for some reason and added him to a Facebook Group of Women where they all started scolding him. He also used slangs in return and then was summoned to the Police Station.

The DM’s wife has accepted all that happened and said the matter took an ugly turn only after Binod posted objectionable comments. She also accepted that her husband slapped the convict inside the police station. “My husband only slapped him. But he must be killed for what he has done. During marriage my husband had vowed to provide me safety throughout life and hence what he has done is absolutely right. I am proud of him,” she said.

Nikhil Nirmal is a 2011 batch Bengal cadre IAS officer and belongs to Kerla. After this incident the State Govt has sent him on a 10 days leave and has appointed a new DM instead.

On the other hand, Nirmal is well-known for his stringent steps to eradicate corruption and is popularly known as the “Singham of Bengal”. Few days ago he had raided a number of hotels and food stalls in Bengal to ensure selling of qualitative food to public.

However, protesting the violent act of such a responsible public servant, Civil Rights activists and leaders of Opposition have filed a complaint before the Human Rights commission and have demanded to take him to higher police custody immediately. This incident has turned the eyeball of many across the country.

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