Be Aware Parents ! Covid-19 Third Wave To Hit Children Hard

New Delhi: The third wave of Covid-19 will be more dangerous which is more likely to hit the children of smaller age groups. Several hospitals have warned against the rising infections among children in the age group of 0-16 years.

According to reports, in current second wave maximum of the young people are getting infected with the coronavirus. Hence, the parents have been advised to be more cautious and to not let their guard down.

The parents are also advised to strictly follow the vaccination schedule of their new born babies as they are highly vulnerable towards infections during this stage. Breast feeding is highly recommended in order to build the babies’ immunity level.

The common symptoms that are seen in children includes fever, gastroenteritis symptoms and respiratory issues.

It is being expected that the third wave of Covid-19 might hit India mostly around winter in the end of November or early December.

On Thursday, the Supreme Court emphasized on the need to prepare for the third wave of coronavirus in the country including the vaccination of people of age groups with all young children.

Earlier on Wednesday, Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government, K. Vijay Raghavan warned that the third wave of Covid is inevitable given the amount of virus circulating in India.

“It doesn’t have properties of new kinds of transmission. It infects humans in a manner that makes it more transmissible as it gains entry, makes more copies and goes on, same as original,” he said.

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