Arvind Kejriwal calls BJP leaders ‘fake Hindus’

New Delhi:  Delhi Cheif Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday called BJP leaders ‘fake Hindus’, adding that they only knew the language of abuse.

Reacting to the BJP for mocking him for reciting ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ on television, Kejriwal said that he will ensure that all BJP leaders recite the same.

“They all should recite Hanuman Chalisa. It will help them with calm and peaceful mind and the tone and tenor of their speech will also develop discipline and restraint. BJP leaders are fake Hindus, they only know the language of abuse,” Kejriwal said.

The Delhi Cheif Minister challenged that the BJP leaders didn’t know what to recite, Hanuman Chalisa or Bhagwat Gita. “They don’t know anything. All they know is to abuse,” he said.

Kejriwal’s remarks came just two days before the February 8 Delhi Assembly elections.


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