An IPS Officer who failed thirty times before getting success

There is no doubt that nothing can stop to the people who are doing hard work with patience and perseverance from climbing the ladder of success. They may fail time and again but they never feel disappointed and give up rather learn from their failures and proceed towards their goals and finally achieve them. They not only become success for themselves but also become a role model for others. Here is a story of such successful personality who failed thirty times before getting success.

The inspiring story is of IPS (Indian Police Service) officer whose name is Aditya. He had to give 30 competitive exams including AIEEE, State Administrative Service, Banking and Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan in 5 years.

IPS Aditya failed 30 exams before passing UPSC exam

In an interview, Aditya informed that he failed in 30 exams before passing the UPSC. But he never felt disappointed and did not give up either. He continued to work hard and finally in the fourth attempt, he achieved success in UPSC exam. Not only this, he achieved the rank of All India 630th in this exam in the year 2018 and is currently posted in ASP (Assistant Superintendent of Police) in Sangrur.

IPS Aditya used to study for 20 hours

Aditya told a lot about himself during the interview. He said that he used to study continuously for at least 20 hours to prepare for the exam. He also said that despite trying so hard, he failed the exam many times. At times he was upset and thought about giving up preparations, but still he chose to stay away from social pressure and negativity and motivated himself to study further. He told that he used to encourage himself by saying himself that his time would come.

Changed the way to study

Apart from this, Aditya told during the interview that he did not take his studies lightly at all. He changed his preparation strategy and mastered every aspect from time management to general knowledge. Aditya explains that one of the easiest and most successful formulas is to practice writing answers. This not only improves the writing speed. But also helps in the structure of the answer. Apart from this, he also told that to practice writing, make a habit of writing essays and include it in your daily routine.

Aditya also gave some valuable tips to candidates preparing for UPSC

Make sure that you have prepared well for the prelims. For men, it is most important that you learn how to manage time and with this, place the full command on the optional subject. Also for PT, remember that judges will test your personality more than your knowledge. Therefore, do not forget to make detailed preparation of your background.

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