AMRIT app developed to track corona suspects

Prayagraj: The Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology (MNNIT) at Prayagraj, has developed a new mobile application which will help the administration and the corona control room to track suspected patients.

The mobile app named ‘AMRIT’ (Assessment, Monitoring, Reporting and Intelligent Tracking), will help chemist shops, medical practitioners and other organisations to submit information about suspected corona patients.

The app will also track people who are taking over the counter medicines for suppressing symptoms like cough/cold/fever and unknowingly spreading the infection to those who are coming in their contact.

The app is designed and developed by a team of faculty members of the MNNIT, including Ashutosh, Ambak, Sameer, N. K.Singh under the guidance of Prof Shivesh Sharma, Prof Geetika, Vikalp Singh, Himanshu Kashyap and director of MNNIT Prof Rajeev Tripathi.

Prof Tripathi said, “Whenever a patient with cold, cough, fever and breathing problems visits a clinic or purchases these symptoms related drugs, all the information like name, mobile number, address, date and time of prescription or sale will be sent directly to the corona control room by the app which will scan the QR code from patient’s mobile and upload the prescription.”

The admin panel of the app will keep record and information about all the registered patients or customers, chemist shops, medical practitioners and other organizations like government offices, hospitals, nursing homes, etc.”

The app also has ASHA workers registration feature and has been designed to help the ASHA workers/Anganwadi workers in easily submitting the information to the control room.

He further said that it will enable the administration to track such suspected corona patients easily and testing can be performed which will save time and resources.

The app has also been designed to facilitate door to door survey by health workers/ social workers where they can easily send information about the suspected corona patients in a family without any delay.

Prayagraj District Magistrate Bhanu Chandra Goswami, who formally launched this app on Tuesday, said, “Administration was in touch with the MNNIT for the last few days to develop the app which would help in preventing community level spread of Covid-19 infections.”

Chief medical officer (CMO) Doctor (Major) G. S. Bajpayee had earlier called the representatives of the Allahabad Medical Association (AMA), drug dealers and owners of nursing homes to gather feedback for customizing the app.

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