Amid Rise In Second Wave, Maharashtra Issues Fresh COVID-19 Guidelines

Mumbai: Amid the rising second wave of COVID-19 cases in Maharashtra, the state government has issued fresh measures applicable till 31st March 2021.

Maharashtra state government has ordered all drama theatres, auditoriums and offices will be operating at 50% capacity and one will not be able to enter the premises without wearing proper masks. The government also banned religious, social, political and cultural gatherings.

“All private offices except health and other essential services function at 50% capacity,” the order said.

The state government has allowed the manufacturing sector to function in a full capacity and also laid down some rules, like no entry without masks, the workforce to be reduced, to ensure social distancing and all Covid protocols to be followed.

“In case of violation of this order, concerning manufacturing units shall have to remain closed for a period until Covid-19 pandemic stays notified as a disaster by the Center,” the Maharashtra government’s order read.

“Temperature measuring devices to be used to ensure that no one enters the premises with fever. No entry to be allowed without proper wearing of masks. Adequate hand sanitisers to be kept at various convenient locations,” the order said.

Four cities in Maharashtra – Pune, Mumbai, Nagpur and Nashik reported covid cases were higher than Punjab. Pune the worst affected city in the country, has been reporting the highest number of covid cases for several days now.

The directives came after the state on Thursday registered more than 25,883 new cases; the highest in the one-day rise.

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