Accenture sacked employees with fake experience letters in India

One of the major Information Technology (IT) company of India, Accenture has unearthed another IT scam in the IT job sector of the country. As per reports, the company has fired thousands of employees for providing fake experience letters to grab a job in the company in India.

Besides, the company has disseminated a very strict remark of non- compliance towards any malpractice of providing fraudulent certificate.

According to the company, the exact number is yet to be confirmed by the authorities and around thousands of the staffs have been caught under this scam.

It further added that, the sacking will be done accordingly, so that there will be no disruption in the work process.  Besides, arrangements have been made beforehand to man the vacant spots.

As per sources, the dubious practice of issuing fake experience letters came in practice during the pandemic, as the world was seeing up serge in the work sector and shuffle of employees with demand of immediate work force. Accordingly, some people indulged in this malpractice and landed themselves a job in the IT sector.

The authorities of the company also clarified that, strict verification of the candidates will be done before hiring and such kind of dubious practice will not be tolerated.

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