97-year-old man recovers from brain stroke in Bengaluru amid Covid-19 pandemic

Bengaluru:  A 97-year-old man recovered from brain stroke at a private hospital here amid the Covid-19 pandemic, an official said on Friday.

“Nonagenarian Prahlada Rao recovered from an embolic stroke caused by the narrowing of an artery, which restricted blood flow,” said cardiologist Rajpal Singh of Fortis Hospital in the city’s southern suburb.

The treatment involved conducting carotid artery stenting to increase the patient’s blood flow in the blocked areas of his heart.

“Carotid arteries serve as channels for blood flow to brain and facial structures. Narrowing in these arteries can cause a brain stroke, a mini-stroke, headache and neurological symptoms,” said Singh.

Rao, who lives with his family in the city, had frontal headache and double vision two weeks ago. Scanning indicated that he had an embolic stroke.

“This case was a challenge for various reasons. Although 97 years old, he was mentally agile and physically motivated even after recovering from an initial stroke earlier,” Singh pointed out.

The patient withstood the 45-minute procedure and was able to sit up and read newspaper the following day. He was discharged on the second day after treatment and is healthy now.


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