9 months old infant recovers from Covid 19: Breast feeding best for immunity, proved

A 9 month old baby boy admitted in Uttarakhand hospital has recovered from Covid 19 within 6 days. It is believed by the doctors that drinking mother’s milk might have given immunity boost to the kid, to fight Coronavirus. Luckily the mother of the infant remains healthy and is Covid negative.

The boy has become the youngest patient to recover from Covid-19 in India after testing negative twice in 48 hours. This incident took place in Dehradun, the capital city of Uttarakhand.

The infant was reportedly infected with Covid19 from his father who had also tested positive. The father of the boy worked in a local mosque in Bhagat Singh Colony, of Dehradun City. After knowing about the kid, medical team ran tests on him and found him positive for Corona.

The infant was admitted to Doon Hospital on March 17, and was discharged after 6 days, after he tested Covid19 negative. The doctors took special care, as the baby was of a tender age, and had to be placed in isolation without his mother.

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