7th Pay Commission: Central employees will have to wait till this day for DA hike!

Due to the Corona crisis, dearness allowances are being paid to central employees and pensioners at the old rate itself. At present dearness allowance (DA) was to be given at the rate of 21 per cent, but currently the rate of 17 per cent is applicable. The impact of this deduction on employees and pensioners will be read from January 2020 to June 2021.

However, it is expected that after this deadline (June 2021), employees can get relief on dearness allowance. If this happens, dearness allowance will be increased. This will increase the salary for the employees and increase the pension for the pensioners.

The government postponed the DA hike for a year and a half in April this year due to the prolonged continuation of the Corona crisis. Employees and pensioners were disappointed with this decision but after that there have been relief through different decisions.

After the disappointment of DA, the government gave good news to the employees on Leave Travel Allowance (LTA), Leave Travel Concession (LTC) and Diwali Bonus. More than 30 lakh employees have been given bonuses. Productivity and non-productivity linked bonuses have been issued for FY 2019-2020. However it has been given to non-gagged employees only.

The government extended LTA facility for two years to travel to the Northeast, Ladakh, Andaman and Nicobar Islands and Jammu and Kashmir. At the same time, LTC Cash Voucher Scheme has been introduced. In this, employees can buy goods or services of value equal to 3 times the rail or air fare in lieu of holidays.

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  1. Vibhor says

    Relief to govt employees such utter crap piece of news.

  2. GANESH KUMAR E says

    There is nothing new about DA & BONUS to govt employees, this is a matter of routine, inspite of stopping DA till 30th June 2021 almost 1.5 yrs,govt making this as a very big thing they have done.
    Retirees who are getting very meagre pension are badly suffering in this Pandamic,in addition no DA to them.
    When govt is able to waive off crores to richest person , why not spend meagre amount to atleast atleast to pensioners.

  3. Bishnu says

    Dear reporter. Do u have any idea what u r writing about other benefits. First understand and report. Un necessarily making news is nit right

  4. Prof Dr S N Bhalla says

    Benefits are for serving employees not for pensioners. To apply salt on wound, pensioners pension has been reduced by 50% received on Ist Nov ’20. What is there to cheer about. They will HAVE TO observe black diwali!!

  5. Rs says

    No add

  6. पवन कुमार says

    बार बार एक ही सन्देश भेजते हो

  7. Venkatesalu says

    Why, you people are behind this DA issue. Already Pensioners are worried for many reasons because of this DA issue. Further you people are mentioning as if the Festival Advance, LTC or LTA, are these helpfull to Pensioners. Stop this news at once.

  8. Prof B K Sharma says

    DA freeze for pensioners is certainly concerning while COVID is just an excuse for this cut. It must be realized that in spite of Covid, GOI is liberal to grant free-bees to several sections of society. Why an excuse of DA freeze for pensioners. Let them die due to pandemic and financial difficulties.

  9. Srinivasa Prasad says

    D.A. to the employees and pensioners is not a tax-free income. This element is also taken as part of total annual income and income tax is levied at the rates fixed from time to time. Some part of expenditure of the D.A. released is tapped through Income Tax. Please leave the myth that reimbursement for increase of prices regulated through scientific calculation is a source of benefit. By withholding DA, the increase in prices from January 2020 onwards is borne by the employees and pensioners besides one day salary contribution to PM Cares Fund.

  10. Prabhakaran K says

    These types of news are unwarranted. Just like giving an unpeeled coconut to dog. It cannot peel and eat but cannot throw either. Absurd.

  11. Ramamurthy V S says

    Now electricity and water rates are increased. Rates of all commodities are increasing. But our finance minister put tax on deposits. Even if we save money through LIC and other deposits are also subjected for tax.particularly senior citizen are really in trouble. In my opinion the government and the society is giving poison slowly.most of the seniors are in pathetic situation

  12. L Sivaiah Sastry says

    Kalingatv.com wants to say afloat by playing with the anxieties of Central Govt employees and pensioners. The worst kind of journalism.

  13. Murali Ayyalasomayajula says

    By controlling DA to pensioners are forcebly thrown to bay of bengal by central govt. It is not known which sin made by central pensioners leading miserable life are not given any benifit during carona unable to meet even medical expenses and insufficient pension of postal department. Murali ayyalasomayajula retd postal pensioner 9290016534.hope and pray pensioners DA must be released to live some basic needs

  14. ALOKE KUMAR DAS says

    Pensioners will not be benefited of DA is hike 4% @.17+ 4= 21% is not related with pension holers. Coronavirous is under control. So the prosperity of production is incriminating. GDP win be good as per reserharchrs of economy. 4% DA may be granted. Congratulations.

  15. g l vaishnavi says

    ltc etc has no relevance to pensioners. They have had no relief.

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