6 test Corona Positive after visiting salon that served COVID-19 patient earlier

In a shocking incident,  six persons tested corona positive in Madhya Pradesh today. The six persons reportedly had visited a salon which had served a COVID 19 patient earlier.

This incident  took place in Bargaon village of Khargone district in Madhya Pradesh.

According to reports, a barber of Bargaon village used same cloth for shaving and haircut of six corona positive persons, thereby infecting them with the deadly virus. It has come forward in a probe that a youth working in Indore, had returned to the village and later tested Covid positive.  The youth had reportedly visited the same salon earlier for haircut where he possibly spread the virus.

Later,  12 men visited the same salon on the same day. After Corona test, six persons out of them, tested positive.  Luckily the barber of the Salon tested Corona negative.

At least 60 corona positive cases and six deaths have been reported so far from Khargone . Madhya Pradesh has recorded 1952 Corona positive cases and  death toll of 92  till date.

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