58 Patients Recover From Mucormycosis In Haryana

Haryana: Atleast 58 patients have been recovered from Mucormycosis or Black Fungus across Haryana. So far, a total of 756 black fungus have been reported in the state. Out of which 648 people are under medical treatment.

The state government has also formed a technical committee to advise on the treatment of Mucormycosis. And that committee has approved 975 injections of Amphotericin B for about 515 patients.

The state department informed that out of 577 patients (442 males and 135 females) and as many as 508 patients were found to be diabetic.

Besides this, 498 patients had tested positive for Coronavirus, while 79 had no history of coronavirus at all. And 462 patients were administered, while 254 had been given oxygen therapy and 61 patients had other immuno-compromised conditions.

Black fungus has become a bigger challenge than coronavirus. In Haryana, Jhajjar is the worst-hit district in terms of death rate as six of 12 black fungus patients have died so far.

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