3-year-old girl dies of suffocation after left locked in car by parents

New Delhi: In a tragic incident, a three year old girl died due to suffocation as she was locked in a car for about two hours. The incident took place in Kota area of Rajasthan on Wednesday.

As per reports, the girl suffocated to death in the locked car while her parents were attending a wedding function.

The father reportedly went to the wedding function along with his wife and two daughters. After reaching the marriage venue the mother and her elder daughter got out of the car and proceeded to the venue while the father went to park the car.

According to Police, the man presumed that the three year old girl also went to the venue along with her mother and elder sister, he locked the car and proceeded to the wedding venue.

Reportedly, the parents remained busy with different groups for about two hours and then when they met, inquired about the younger girl. Now, they understood that the girl has been wrongfully left in the locked car.

Later, as they rushed to the car, they found her unconscious in the back seat of the vehicle. They rushed her to a hospital. Yet, by then it was too late. The doctors declared the victim dead on arrival.

It has also been reported that the grieving parents refused to conduct an autopsy and to file a police case.

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