1st Indigenous Loitering Munition Nagastra-1 delivered to Indian Army

New Delhi: The 1st Indigenous Loitering Munition Nagastra-1 has been delivered to Indian Army. It was informed by News Agency ANI in an X post today. Nagastra-1 has reportedly been developed by Solar Industries, Nagpur.

As per reports, Nagastra -1, in a ‘kamikaze mode’ can neutralize any hostile threat with GPS-enabled precision strike with an accuracy of 2m.

The man-portable fixed-wing electric UAV of weight 9 kg has an endurance of 30 min, a man-in-loop range of 15 km and an autonomous mode range of 30 km.

Its electric propulsion system provides a low acoustic signature to make it undetectable by the enemy at a height of more than 200 metres.

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